Are you willing to get beyond yourself and be an example of love and inspiration for others? Are you motivated to inspire?

Everybody wants to get on the “be inspired” bandwagon today. However, with the intention to master the art of inspiration, you must be truly knowledgeable of it. There are ideas about inspiration that you should learn on the journey to inspire. These ideas are rooted in science but founded in spiritual backgrounds that most don’t know about.

Inspiration has 3 main qualities. First, inspiration is uncovered spontaneously and without intention by something-- whether it's an idea that comes from within, an inspiring person such as a role model, or a divine revelation. Another key quality of inspiration is that it is transcendent of our more basic and self-serving concerns and limitations. When we get out of our own way we can inspire others easily and more effectively. Transcendence often involves a moment of clarity and awareness of new possibilities. This moment of clarity is often vivid, and can take the form of a grand vision, or a "seeing" of something one has not seen before (but was probably always there). Finally, inspiration involves motivation, in which the individual strives to transmit, express, or actualize a new idea or vision.

If you are consciously aware of all 3 of these aspects of inspiration your efforts will almost never fail. Each has a unique ability to bring you to the next, building upon the energy each aspect can bring.

 Spontaneously without intention...

Have you ever had a dream to do something that scared you but would be inspiring to others? Have you ever heard a still small voice within you nudge you to pay for some one’s dinner, express some encouraging words, or take the lead in a situation and be an example to others? The still small voice that you hear is divinely put there to release a paradigm shift in your thoughts. A release drives you to the inspiration you feel. Knowing inspiration comes from a divine place and understanding that you are a vessel for goodwill in the world it helps you be more confident in your role to inspire. Why? Because the pressure is not on you. You don’t have to wake up and feel inspired every day. Just let the spontaneous nudging of our creator inspire you with visions and ideas.

 Transcendent of basic and self-serving limitations....

Does the vision or idea you have require you to grow? Do you have to serve others because of what you are inspired to do? Have you become much clearer on your purpose above your daily task? If you have, you have moved passed your own needs to serve the needs of others. Inspiration is not just coming up with an idea but accepting that that idea might push you pass your comfort zone. Clarity around this truth is the beginning of true inspiration because you can now act on your ideas with congruence and commitment to not just yourself but the people your inspiration will impact.


Your inspiration or even the inspiration of others can motivate and move people to action often quickly and successfully. One example of this is the man who first ran the 4 minute mile. Up until he accomplished 4 minute mile people didn’t believe it was possible. He was moved with a vision that it was possible for him. Then, he realized his vision could impact not only his life but others who wanted to do the same thing. And you know what happened when he ran the 4 minute mile? People got inspired and started running the 4 minute mile too. Talk about inspiration! The motivation was high because they saw someone else achieve it. You can be the motivation for someone right now. You could stand resilient in times of hatred and show how powerful love can be over it. That could start a movement of people to do the same thing.

 That’s the power of understanding inspiration and how it works. It is a chain reaction that leads to positive outcomes.

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