All Things Grow With Love

We can define love in so many artistic ways that it can be a powerful force for change. We must first decide on our own perception of love and how we want to share it. Social media has played a big role in the expression of love. We have been able to spread the feeling of love through many arts like music, photography, and even beautiful videos depicting love of others, animals and experiences.

 What about words? Can we share these small moments of connections through words? Can love live in an expression on a coffee mug, pillow or cap? Can we be totally motivated and inspired by a t-shirt that says “YOU ARE LOVED”    

 Here at Love Inspired Boutique, people buy our products to express love in a variety of ways. A bright t-shirt on a summer’s day, a beautiful wall canvas that hugs the hearts of those who walk by and read it, a light pillow that reminds us before we lay down that we are special because You Are Special! 

 The words that live on those keepsakes are words of love that never expire and never fade. They remind us each time we are in the presence of them that love is an action word and it means far more than most realize. For us we define love in a way that clearly gives light to a universal feeling and expression all humanity shares:

 "Love is a dynamic event that occurs between you and others. Love is an altered state of consciousness, an extraordinary moment of connection and joy.”

  It can only genuinely happen when you feel wholeness for yourself within yourself, which is God-centered knowing that you are a divine beautiful being of light, endowed with the power to spread that light to others.

 How will you express love today? Share in the comments below.

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