JESUS 2020 Campaign

JESUS 2020 “Campaign What’s That all About” in their words

Sampey Memorial Baptist Church opened it's church doors in May after the closure for the corona virus.    

We wanted to take a stand and revive hearts that have felt despair and hopelessness as a result of today’s politics and events. We know that the answer is simple.  We need Jesus!  We decided that we would start a campaign for our LORD!  It only takes a spark to start a fire and we know that we can be that spark in our small town of Ramer, Alabama!  We are not trying to influence votes or support any political candidate.  We already have THE Winner!!  We decided to produce the yard signs with JESUS 2020 on them to express our faith in Him.  We took this idea as a literal sign from God and He has already blessed us tremendously! 

Everyone has been so excited to get a sign and share them with others!  This has lifted people up and is a reminder to us, as believers, of the hope that comes from the One that we can count on!!  This is an awakening and a movement that has covered our community and beyond.  This campaign has brought all denominations and races together because we all know it’s about JESUS!  We pray the lost will see this campaign and want to know more about Jesus.  These signs are a tool for that endeavor.

Our JESUS 2020 campaign started by God’s perfect timing and design.  We decided that we could not remain silent nay longer and allow the evil in our country to win.  This ministry does not require us to gather and everyone with a yard sign is participating.  We may be social distancing from each other, but we can share out need tor Jesus by displaying these sings.  We have already distributed over 8,000 signs and another 12,000 have been purchased around the country.  These signs have been freely given, but many have made donations for more to be printed.  It is our prayer that all Christians will share their voice in any way they can, to let our leaders and fellow Americans know that Jesus is first and foremost in our lives and He is the answer.  We will seek His council on all matters and rely on His word for guidance in all of our decisions about spiritual, moral, and political issues.  We would love for you to join us in this campaign for JESUS! 

Written by Martha Sikes